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July 17, 2012

"I've got a location!"

Jack's head snaps up from Chris' computer station, looking over at where Nadia's leaning over one of the computer analysts' shoulders. Getting to his feet, Jack hurries over as Nadia points to something on the screen, Bill hurrying to her side.

"Ibrahim Usmani is renting a small warehouse about thirty minutes from here, sattelite from twenty minutes ago shows activity around the building," Nadia says, as the computer tech--Edgar Stiles--taps at the keys, zooming in on the still pictures from the sattelite feed.

Bill nods. "Okay, Mike, Jack, I want both of you on this; get as many field teams in on this as you can. Mike, you've got priority for any CTU resources you might need."

Doyle nods, "I'll get the teams rolling, and call back in. I'll be on comm," he says, turning and heading for the field equipment room.

Quickly closing down Chris' station, Jack heads in the same direction as Doyle to suit up. With any luck, this will be the end of it.

As the field teams surround the building, there's an eerie quiet in the area, and Jack's uneasy as they approach. Something feels wrong; it feels too quiet, and though he didn't count, it seems like there's fewer cars around the building. Maybe it's just their approach, knowing that there could be a suitcase nuke in that building and if they're spotted before they can take out the hostiles, they could share the same fate as the team in Valencia did a few days ago.

"Teams in position?" Doyle whispers over the comm unit in Jack's ear, and the leaders of the field teams give their assent, one by one. Jack takes a couple deep breaths, trying to put the mental image of the mushroom cloud out of his mind. They just have to move fast, and hope that that doesn't happen.

Crouching next to the wall, he waits for the order, ready to spring into action when Doyle gives the go-ahead.

"Okay, all teams move in!"

The agents in front of Jack ram the steel doors and they fly open, Jack running in behind them, weapon up, eyes scanning for targets. Behind him there's stomping feet and shouts in his ear as the agents flood the building and find...nothing.

Searching for hostiles, the only people Jack can see are the other field teams surging into the building. There are a few crates as well as a couple tables and chairs off to one side, but other than that, there's no evidence of anyone in the building. Quickly walking over to the crates, Jack looks inside; from the supports and packing materials it looks like the kind of crate used to ship weapons.

"Son of a bitch! Someone was here, and we missed them," Jack says, walking over to Doyle as he relays the news to CTU. "Those crates were carrying weapons, we've got to find these guys. Does CTU have more recent sattelite coverage yet or anything from CalTrans?"

Doyle shakes his head. "They're working on it. The sattelite servers are overloaded."

"Dammit," Jack says, walking away and looking around in frustration, trying to see if there's anything else they can find.

What's preoccupying him isn't the weapons or the lack of hostiles, however. It's the knowledge that if they're not in the building and the weapons are with them, they've likely moved on to their next target. And more importantly, he and the rest of CTU don't have a clue where to start looking.


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