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July 17, 2012

Jack leans forward, rubbing tired, gritty eyes. He should try and take a nap on the staff room couch, or go back to Michelle's for an hour to try and grab some sleep. He'd given his contact at DoD--Scott Itzin--his cellphone number so it's not like he needs to be at CTU. But then that's assuming he'd be able to get to sleep in the first place, and considering the last few nights he'd lain awake for hours before finally drifting off, it hardly seems worth the trouble at the moment.

He's just about to go get himself another cup of coffee, or maybe see if he can find the door to Milliways again when his cellphone rings. He grabs it from the desktop, the adrenaline waking him as he recognises Scott's number.

"Bauer," he says, glancing around to see if there's anyone nearby to overhear.

"It's Scott, I've got what you asked for." He sounds nervous, his voice nearly a whisper.

"Can you email me the document?" Jack asks. The document itself is as valuable as the information on it; without it it'll be hard to get approval to search, or hell, to maybe even get anyone to believe him.

"Yeah, but if anyone didn't get it from me."

Jack tells him where to email the document, the passage of time before the email arrives seeming exasperatingly long. Within a couple minutes, it's there, though, Jack telling Scott that it arrived before snapping his phone shut.

Opening the attachment he skims the document, some parts of which have been blacked out, mainly to do with the source of the three suitcase nukes. But the destination of the bombs is still visible, and as he reads the name of the contractor and person in charge of disarming them, he suddenly feels cold all over.

Company: Omicron International
Project Manager: Henderson, Christopher

It goes on to list Henderson's position in the company, the arrival date, but Jack's not looking at that. He's looking at Christopher Henderson's signature, confirming receipt of the bombs. Even now, almost ten years since Henderson was fired from CTU, Jack still recongises that signature. Henderson had been his mentor, his partner, his father figure. He'd seen him sign things a hundred times, and at least from what his eye can see and remember, the signature is authentic.

Quickly he flips to the attached photos, bringing up photographs of the undetonated bomb from D.C. There's no doubt that the bombs are the same set.

Instantly, he can think of a number of different scenarios where Henderson wasn't involved with the terrorists getting the bombs, but none can dispel his doubts. Maybe it was someone underneath him who handed them over, maybe he thought he was sub-contracting the disarmament to someone trustworthy. But every scenario comes back to the same result: Henderson was the one who was responsible for the suitcase nukes. If they went missing he would have had to know, and should have reported it. If he didn't know, or didn't report it, then it's gross negligence at the very least. He doesn't want to think about what the worst case scenario is, despite his and Christopher's estrangement.

Carefully saving the document to a CD along with the document on Palmer's computer, he heads up to Bill Buchanan's office to share his findings and start the whole terrible string of events into motion.

Twenty minutes later, they have the search warrant and the field and forensics teams are suiting up to head out to the Hendersons' house. They should be leaving any minute, but there's one stop Jack has to make first. He knows that while his relationship with Christopher and Miriam has been nonexistant for the last ten years, Kim's still very close to them. He needs to tell her about Christopher's involvement, before she finds out in some other way.

Approaching her station, Jack leans over her shoulder, saying quietly, "Can we talk somewhere, sweetheart?"
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