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Traffic is heavy heading into L.A.; even with everything that's been happening in the last couple weeks, there are enough people heading into work or otherwise to the downtown core to make traffic slow, if not quite the usual gridlock. Seated in the middle of the SUV, with agents in front of him and agents behind, Jack starts to get that familiar-skin-crawling feeling again, and he closes his eyes for much of the ride, leaning his head against the window.

It's a feeling that doesn't go away when they get to CTU, as they walk inside its familiar walls and for a moment it feels like the last couple years never happened, like he'd never been away. At least that's until he notices the stares of people working in the bullpen, the way everything seems to stop on sight of them.

He glances around for Kim, but doesn't spot her before he and Chris are led over to medical, where he finally lets go of Chris' hand and is led to a seat on one of the beds, where one of the doctors takes a look at his shoulder. Jack keeps his eyes firmly on the floor as he's given a local anasthetic and the wound is sewn up, glad that it's in his back so he doesn't have to watch.

He's just starting to pull a new shirt they'd given him over his head when a woman walks in--someone he doesn't recognise. He catches the look of surprise she gives his scars before he looks down, trying to put his left arm through the sleeve when his shoulder doesn't want to move. She stops and talks to Chris first for a few minutes, giving him a chance to pull on his shirt.
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