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July 10, 2012

With no windows in the back of the van, it's hard to tell where they are, how long they've been on the road, exactly, but as the road gets rougher, Jack's stomach knots more and more. He's going over ideas of what they can do to get out of this, when the vans stop with a jolt, and the doors open, sunlight pouring in.

The lead "agent"--or at least the one that did most of the talking-- gestured to the doors with his gun, with a simple order of "Out", as another grabbed Jack's arm, pulling him out of the van. The rocky ground poked painfully into the soles of his bare feet, but then not surprisingly, the discomfort of walking on stones wasn't exactly his greatest worry at the moment.

Particularly when one of the "agents" shoved him to his right, and he saw a shallow pit and mound of dirt beside it. Fuck, they really weren't wasting their time; he and Chris would have to act fast, but it isn't like they can coordinate anything, verbally at least. This had better be one of those times when they seem to be able to read each other's mind.

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Chris startles when the doors open and the "agents" enter, dragging Jack out first. Another pulls her up and she wavers, nearly knocked off balance by the sudden movement and her heels not helping.

If the "agent" notices, he doesn't care, barely pausing before dragging her forward. From inside the van, she can see a large pit.

A grave.

Jack's back is turned and she can't get his attention now, she'll just have to act and count on him to follow. The "agent" hops out of the van and grabs her arm to pull her out of the van, when he does she can see the gun in his holster. This is the best chance she'll have.

Stepping forward on wobbly legs, Chris "loses" her balance and stumbles to the ground, pulling the agent down with her.

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Jack hears the scuffling noise behind him and turns instinctively; it only takes him a moment to realize that the "agent" a couple steps behind him has done the same, and he reacts without thinking. A hard elbow to his follower's nose yields an audible crunch, and blood starts pouring out the man's nose.

Before he can react, Jack knees him in the groin, grabbing for the gun in the man's holster; the agent tries to beat him to it, but he can't get to it as quickly as Jack can, and there's a momentary struggle for the gun before Jack gets his finger around the trigger and fires a shot into the man's abdomen.

The "agent" has hardly hit the ground when Jack raises the gun, automatically scanning for targets. Chris is struggling with her attacker; he can't get a clean shot, but he spots movement to their left, and he turns and fires at the third "agent" just as the man begins to aim at Chris.

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As soon as she landed, Chris threw her elbows into her attacker's midsection, aiming for his kidneys. Ignoring the pain in knees from when she fell, she scrambled for his gun as did he. One hand covering his gun, he laid a clumsy, left-handed punch to her jaw. She wavered but held onto the gun.

They struggled and when the gunshots went off to the side, the "agent" paused for nanosecond, hands still on the gun. She took her chance, headbutting him and knocking him backwards.

The pain was worse than the worst headache she'd ever had and she forced herself to focus. Chris pulled the gun from his holster, shooting him twice before dropping the gun and collapsing to her side, grabbing her head.

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Watching long enough to see the third agent fall, apparently hit in the leg, Jack can only spare a glance in Chris' direction before he sees the van's driver opening his door, weapon in hand. The driver's only halfway out when Jack drops him with a shot to the chest. Turning in one smooth, instinctive movement, gun still raised, he looks over at Chris to see her attacker down, Chris holding her head.

It's almost frightening how quickly everything happened; how quickly he'd resonded, without even thinking, and how now he's able to turn off his training. He doesn't have time to consider it, though, hurrying over to Chris with only a quick detour toward the third "agent"--still alive, moaning in pain but otherwise incapacitated--and grab his gun.
Kneeling next to Chris, he touches her face with his cuffed hands. "Chris? Look at me, sweetheart. Are you okay?"

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"Yeah," Chris nods her head and immediately regrets it, wincing.

"I'm fine," she grates out, squeezing her eyes shut as her head throbs, then opening them and focusing on Jack. "Is that all of them?"

Date: 2007-03-31 03:28 am (UTC)
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"Yeah," he says watching her carefully for signs of a concussion. She looks all right, though; or at least well enough for the moment. "They're not going to attack us, at least. We need to call this in to CTU; check his pockets for a cellphone while I look for keys to these cuffs."

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All she wants now is an asprin and a ice pack. It takes a second for her to get what Jack's just said but when she does, "All right, I can do that."

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Jack gets to his feet, wobbling a bit as he can't really use his hands, and heads over to the one that's still alive, checking the man's injury, first. It's bleeding but not alarmingly so, and it doesn't look like he's going to lose consciousness any time soon. Let him marinate in the pain a little longer, then question him. Kneeling, Jack rummages through the agent's pockets until he finds a key ring. Handcuff keys, perfect.

Twisting his hands, it takes him a moment to get the key in the lock, as he's starting to feel a little panicky at being bound. Once he has the key in, however, the cuff pops off his left wrist in a few seconds, the other following in half the time.

"Got the keys, but I didn't find a phone yet," he says, walking back over to Chris. The stones pressing into his feet are a little more noticeable now; he's going to have to take the shoes off one of their captors before he cuts himself. "Here, give me your hands."

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"He doesn't have one," Chris sighs, holding up her hands so he can uncuff her. Kneeling in this position is uncomfortable enough without the small rocks digging into her legs. Jack offers her his hand, helping her to her feet.

She's unsteady at first, holding onto him for a little bit longer once she's standing just to be sure.

"Did you find the keys? To the van?"

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"No, but they're probably still in the ignition, or on the driver," he says, nodding in the direction of the man lying next to the van, one foot still on the running board. "He might have a phone; go check, and look for the keys as well; once you've got them, take a seat in the van. I've got to ask this guy a few questions."

It's an effort to keep his voice level as he realizes what he's likely going to have to do to get the information he wants, and despite the fact that she works at CTU and there's a good chance she's going to hear everything, something in him wants to give her any excuse not to watch.

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She looks to the one guy still alive and then to Jack. Any offers of help would probably be refused and she had a feeling he wouldn't want her around... still, she was worried enough to ask, "Do you want any help?"

Date: 2007-03-31 03:40 am (UTC)
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He shakes his head. "Just try and get in contact with CTU, and make sure people know we're okay."

Turning back to the one living agent, he walks over, crouching next to him, steeling himself. There's no time for doubt or second thoughts, and he takes a deep breath, pushing everything else to the back of his mind. Grabbing the man's shoulder, Jack flips the "agent" over, cuffing first one wrist, then the other; this isn't the time to take chances. Turning the man over onto his back again, Jack touches the muzzle of the gun to the man's wound, just hard enough to make him yelp in pain as Jack leans over him.

"Time for us to have a talk," Jack says, softly. "Who are you working for?"

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"All right." They're going to need information from CTU, the sooner the better. She walks over to the driver, rifling through his pockets and finding a phone. Tossing that onto the car seat, Chris grabs his arms and pulls him from the van, her head pounding from the effort.

That done, she walks around the van again, looking past to where Jack is crouching over the man he's interrogating. Sitting in the van, Chris turns around so she can face the two men while dialing the numbers to CTU.

Date: 2007-04-01 04:31 am (UTC)
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The van's disappeared from the grid, Chloe and Chase among others are trying to pick up a trail.

Kim grabs the phone when it rings at her station, torn between hoping it'll be her dad and praying that he won't make the mistake of contacting CTU.

"CTU, Bauer," she answers.

Date: 2007-04-01 04:32 am (UTC)
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There were three people at CTU that she wanted to answer this phone and thankfully one of them did.

"Kim, this is Chris. Your father and I are in a bit of trouble, we're both ok," she adds quickly, not wanting to worry her. "But we don't know what's going on and need your help on that end."

Date: 2007-04-01 04:37 am (UTC)
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Kim tries not to react to hearing Chris's voice but she's relieved that they're not hurt. "Miriam, it's really busy here today..." It's not the best cover but no one is looking around at her so she's hoping that means she can get away with this subterfuge. "Give me your number and I'll call you back."

Date: 2007-04-01 04:40 am (UTC)
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"What? Kim..." Her recent head injury isn't helping Chris' cognitive skills so it takes a while for her to catch onto what Kim is doing. "Yeah. Hold on."

She presses a few buttons on the phone till she finds the right one. "Ok, it's 661-592-5762"

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The "agent" grits his teeth, trying not to cry out any more than he already has, and Jack pushes a little harder against the wound. "Who are you working for?" he asks, raising his voice, his tone commanding.

"Why should I tell you?" the 'agent' manages to say from between gritted teeth. "I tell you and I'm a dead man."

"Because I can give you protection," Jack says, though he knows he can't really make any guarantee of the kind. He's still not sure why someone wants him dead, though considering the elaborate setup, he knows there has to be more to this than just a simple hit. "And because if you don't tell me, I'm going to leave you out here. You're not going to die of blood loss; not for quite a while at least. But within an hour every coyote within a mile downwind will know there's something out here that's injured, and they'll come to investigate. Now tell me, why the hell does someone want us dead?"

Jack could see the hint of fear in the man's eyes, but still he didn't say anything; doubtless he could imagine what would happen to someone injured and alone out here, but it didn't have the necessary immediacy. He'd have to try something more conctrete.

Wrestling the man's uninjured shin under his knee, Jack places the muzzle against the man's thigh, careful to angle the gun away from the major arteries; he doesn't want this guy to bleed out. "One more chance, and then for every question you don't answer, I fire a shot closer to your knee. Who sent you after me and why?"

The man's eyes flicker between Jack's face and the gun, obviously wondering whether Jack will make good on his threat. There's even a part of Jack that wonders if he will, if he can really inflict that kind of pain on someone after everything he himself had experienced.

But he forces himself to think of that grave just a few feet away, of Chris, who very easily could have ended up in it, and pulls the trigger.

The man's scream is ear-splitting, and it's a struggle for Jack not to pull away, to lean in and see that excruciating pain on the man's face and scream his question above the man's anguish. "WHO ARE YOU WORKING FOR?"

Date: 2007-04-01 05:04 am (UTC)
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She jots the number down on a post-it note and hangs up. Keeping calm is the hard part and she reaches down for her phone and slips it into her pocket along with the note. "I need to use the ladies room, can you cover?" She asks Carrie who nods and continues crunching data.

Trying to get Chase's attention would just look suspicious and she knows they're being watched. She'll tell him later. If she had more time she'd disconnect cameras or use folded light to hide but she's hoping that people are too busy to notice her missing.

Ducking down one of the halls she walks at a normal speed until she reaches a door and slips inside one of the server rooms. The room's silent except for her own breathing as she dials the number and waits for Chris to answer.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:05 am (UTC)
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Chris leans back in her seat, glancing in the rear view mirror where she can see Jack talking to one of their attackers.

Closing her eyes, she wonders why they came after them. First Palmer was killed, then this, it couldn't be just a coincidence, could it?

A loud crack of a gunshot and the agonized scream that followed, jolted her from her seat. She was halfway out of the van before she realized what had happened or that the phone was ringing.


Date: 2007-04-01 05:06 am (UTC)
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Kim isn't sure where to start and she hears yelling in the background. It takes all her willpower to keep away from the source and not try to hear what's happening on the other end of the phone.

"CTU found my dad's fingerprints on the murder weapon. Doyle's been sent to look for him. Buchanan thinks you're either an accomplice or a hostage," she whispers quickly, expecting someone to walk in at any moment. "They want to ask questions," she swallows, her stomach turning as she imagines her dad and Chris being questioned by Burke.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:09 am (UTC)
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"What? That doesn't even make sense! Why would they think that?" Jack had been friends with David Palmer from years - he'd saved his life! Chris couldn't believe that anyone who knew Jack would believe that he'd kill him.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:09 am (UTC)
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"Buchanan believes that China changed him," she closes her eyes. "I know it doesn't make sense, but all the evidence...." she trails off, frustration evident in her voice. "What is going on there?"

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He doesn't answer, and Jack moves the muzzle a few inches closer to the man's knee, pushing it into his thigh so he'll feel it despite the pain. His finger is just starting to tighten on the trigger when the agent gasps out, "I don't know his name, h-he hired us, then told us to be ready to leave at his call this morning."

"Who did he call?" Jack asks, leaving the gun where it is as a reminder.

"C-Cross, the driver. He said he'd meet us at an abandoned oil refinery when it was done, that we'd get our money then."

"Why us?"

The man's eyes are starting to go unfocussed, and Jack leans against the wound again, using the pain to keep him conscious; it won't work for long, but it doesn't have to. "N-not her, unless she was with you. H-he didn't say why, he j-just said you had to be picked up by eight in the m-morning, but that he'd call to give us the go-ahead."

"Where were you supposed to meet him?" Jack asks, leaning closer as the man gives the address in a voice that's starting to fade. Getting to his feet, Jack lets him slip unconscious, only realizing now that his hands are shaking. Maybe they only just started shaking; he can't be sure, having completely blocked everything else out for the interrogation. The whole morning seems like a blur; one minute he was waking up next to Chris, and the next he's standing over a man who'd been hired to kill him.

Jack steps back, rubbing the back of his neck for a moment, the flurry of events washing over him until he forces himself to focus. He can't afford to think about it now, he has to find out what the hell is going on, why someone wants him dead.

And first things first, he needs some shoes.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:12 am (UTC)
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"It's nothing," she answers quickly. "Your dad's just ... talking to someone." Still watching Jack, she watches him stand up as the other man falls silent and Chris wonders if he's dead.

"I can't believe Bill would think that..." her voice trails off as the enormity of the situation weighs on her. They were being set up by someone in the government and someone tried to kill them. "How are you talking to me right now?"

Date: 2007-04-01 05:15 am (UTC)
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"I'm -- " she hears footsteps coming down the hall and voices. "I have to go, be careful," she flips the phone closed.

The footsteps are getting louder and she curses her own stupidity as she glances up at the camera. Opening the phone again she deletes the last call she made and slips it back into her pocket. The last thing she does before leaving the room is to tear the note into small pieces, scattering them into a nearby trash.

She's almost knocked backward by the door opening as she reaches for the handle. When she looks up, two red shirted guards stand in front of her. The other direction's clear and she's tempted to make a run for it, able to see the door to the stairway and she knows she could make the garage, but she also knows that would make her look guilty. Her resolve to never use her powers at work is starting to weaken - a thread of air and she'd be free.

"Come with us, Miss Bauer," one of them says, his hand resting near his gun.

Taking one last look at her chance for escape, she nods, hands over her phone, and starts walking back down the hall, very aware that they're following closely behind.

Instead of going back to the bullpen, they walk her to interrogation room one. She imagines a rosebud opening, trying to stay calm as the door buzzes open and she steps inside.

It feels colder, but she knows that's her imagination, and she forces herself to sit down and appear unafraid as the door closes and she's locked inside.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:17 am (UTC)
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Chris blinks at the phone, then closes it, hoping Kim didn't get into trouble for that.

"Jack, we have a problem," she says, walking over to where he was. There was no way to say this so she was just going to say it. "They think you killed Palmer. Somehow, your fingerprints were on the gun and they're looking for us."

Date: 2007-04-01 05:21 am (UTC)
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Jack looks up sharply from tying the shoes he'd taken off one of the agents. "What? How in the hell could they think I'd actually--" He stops, running a hand through his hair as he stands, not sure whether he's more hurt or more angry at the accusation.

The attempt on their lives makes a crazy kind of sense now, though; kill the two of them out here, where chances are pretty low that anyone will ever find the bodies, and CTU will be chasing ghosts.

"Do they have any idea where we are? Who did you talk to?" he asks, turning back to the one abductor still living. Considering they now need him to clear their names, he's damned sure he's going to keep the man that way.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:22 am (UTC)
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"Kim. I don't think she could really talk. I didn't tell her anything specific." She shifted her feet, wishing she'd worn flats if not gym shoes. Not that she'd expected to be doing anymore than sitting at her desk and maybe walking around CTU.

A hairclip would be good too, Chris thinks as she brushes her hair from her neck. It's another sunny, hot day out made all the moreso by being in the middle of the desert. With a nod toward the one attacker she assumes is alive, Chris asks, "What are we going to do with him?"

Date: 2007-04-01 05:24 am (UTC)
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"They're supposed to meet with whoever hired them, and chances are that person knows who was really behind the hit on Palmer, so for now we use him as bait. You should take the battery out of the phone, just in case CTU finds out and tries to use it to track us," Jack says, trying not to think about just why they can't afford to have CTU track them. Kneeling next to the man, Jack removes the man's tie and belt and uses those to apply pressure to the wounds. "We'll dump him in the back of the van for now."

Date: 2007-04-01 05:25 am (UTC)
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Chris isn't sure too sure about the plan, it assumes they'd want him back. Or that he'd survive till they met up with whoever employed him.

"He's going to need medical attention," she mentions, slipping the back cover off the phone and prying the batter loose with her fingernails.

"We could try one of those smaller medical clinics in the city." Not many people around and most of them knew enough not to ask about a gunshot wound. Battery out, she slips the cover back on. "Some pain medication might help. Keep him awake so we can ask more questions."

Date: 2007-04-01 05:26 am (UTC)
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"Yeah, I think I remember a couple where they might not raise too many questions, if they're still around." Of course his memory of the seedy underbelly of L.A. is a few years out of date. "I'm not sure we'll have time, though; the meeting was supposed to happen when they were done with us. At worst we can make a quick run into a pharmacy and try and do this with over-the-counter stuff."

The tie and belt tied on, Jack lifts the attacker in a fireman's carry and brings him over to the van as quickly as he can. "How's your head?"

Date: 2007-04-01 05:27 am (UTC)
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"I'll survive. I might grab a bottle of asprin if we do go to the pharmacy." Glancing at the body near the side of the van, she remembers something. "Did you take their guns?"

They might need them later.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:27 am (UTC)
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Jack nods. "Four guns, mostly full, and four extra clips. At least we're well-armed," he says, dumping the attacker in the back of the van. "Come on, let's get out of here before we turn the phone back on and see about this meeting."

Date: 2007-04-01 05:28 am (UTC)
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"All right," she murmurs, walking over to the passenger side door and climbing in the car. To say this idea was risky was an understatement, they were going into this situation blind but Chris wasn't sure they had any other choice.

Date: 2007-04-01 05:29 am (UTC)
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Climbing into the driver's seat, Jack puts the keys in the ignition and starts the van, speeding away from the scene in a cloud of dust as quickly as is safe on the rough, mostly dirt road. Hopefully CTU hadn't traced the call or the cell location, and there isn't a sattelite trained on their position right now.

Obivously the people at CTU, besides the few closest to him, are more than able to believe that he'd killed Palmer. Going in isn't an option; if he's going to clear his name--and, by association, Chris' name--they're going to have to do it on their own.


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